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The written word has always been a joy for me.  I can not remember a time in my life when I did not have books. Before I was able to read them, my mother read books to me. As soon as I could read independently I was never without a book in my hands or very nearby.  As years passed, writing developed into a passion for me as well. I tried novel writing while home with my two children during their early years and was challenged to focus on the craft.  I never gave up the love even when I had to give up the pursuit.  Now, with grown children and the fact I am sitting on the other side of fifty I can pursue my dream of writing.  I have continued the reading quest but now the writing is attainable as well.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

When Grace Sings

Psalms 71:8 - Let my mouth be filled [with] thy praise [and with] thy honour all the day. Kim Vogel Sawyer does honor to her God and her readers in her latest offering, When Grace Sings, book two of the Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy. This Christian fiction novel is a charming account of the lives of an old order Mennonite family and the outside the “order” world they face. 
Alexa Zimmerman is a young lady managing a bed and breakfast in the town of Arborville, Kansas.  She lives with her aged, disabled, grandmother in the grandmother’s newly remodeled home.  She is faced with a haunting past and family that she has recently come to know.  A tabloid reporter, Briley Forrester, is assigned the job of uncovering hidden story within the old order Mennonite community.  A variety of characters complete the work, creating a sweet story of family, faith, and trust.  In Vogel Sawyer’s story some of the community’s secrets are revealed while others are waiting for the third installment in the trilogy to be shared.
Vogel Sawyer artfully uses her tender story telling gift to share the hope of her characters and the hope of grace in the Lord with her readers in each of her books and, When Grace Sings, is no exception.  This reader thoroughly enjoyed, When Grace Sings, and encourages all who want to enjoy a warmhearted book of hope to read it as well.

FTC disclaimer: I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Go Ahead & Like It

Go Ahead & Like It, thank you, I will! 
After reading Jacqueline Suskin’s book, Go Ahead & Like It I have found that I do like it very much! There is a great deal of things that I like about Suskin’s book.
I like the random “like” lists that are written in various scripts and fonts.
I like the unique variety of illustrations that are scattered throughout the book in photo and line drawing form.
I like the way that Suskin explains why she makes lists and what she likes about list making.
As a fellow list maker myself, I   understand the comfort a list can provide the maker.  Making lists clears the mind of a clutter. Making lists can also fill the heart with remembered gratitude.  Finally, making lists provides the maker with an opportunity to reflect on the circumstances generating the list.

Suskin does an admirable job of introducing the reader to the joys of making lists and receiving lists from others; and she does this in an attractive, easy to read format.  Go ahead and add Suskin’s book to your reading list, I am confident you will like it!
FTC disclaimer: I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.