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The written word has always been a joy for me.  I can not remember a time in my life when I did not have books. Before I was able to read them, my mother read books to me. As soon as I could read independently I was never without a book in my hands or very nearby.  As years passed, writing developed into a passion for me as well. I tried novel writing while home with my two children during their early years and was challenged to focus on the craft.  I never gave up the love even when I had to give up the pursuit.  Now, with grown children and the fact I am sitting on the other side of fifty I can pursue my dream of writing.  I have continued the reading quest but now the writing is attainable as well.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Use it or lose it!"

“Use it or lose it,” This is not a new concept. How many times have you heard this phrase? In my youth I associated these words the most with exercise and muscle mass.  I knew that if I did not consistently exercise, then I would not maintain my physical endurance and tone.
I am no longer as concerned about losing my muscle tone, now I have other “use it or lose it” considerations. After fifty, “use it or lose it,” is most commonly associated with brain function. As one gets older,  cognitive functioning is always of utmost concern. Yet, continuing to find ways to stimulate the brain is a challenge.  The issue is not so much in the activity itself, as finding a way to engage one’s brain in a way that encourages cognitive function as well as stimulates enough enjoyment to be continued. That’s the kicker!
I have always enjoyed reading and writing.  I believe in future blogs there will begin an activity that joins the two as a continued “use it or lose it” endeavor for me. What are cognitive activities that you enjoy? How can you find ways to utilize your hobby as brain candy for your future?  The goal is not the finish line in this exercise, no, this time it is all about the journey.  Farther down the road I want to be able to enjoy my friends and family as well as my life.
Whether you join me in the over fifty club or not, I invite you to join me on my “use it or lose it” quest.