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The written word has always been a joy for me.  I can not remember a time in my life when I did not have books. Before I was able to read them, my mother read books to me. As soon as I could read independently I was never without a book in my hands or very nearby.  As years passed, writing developed into a passion for me as well. I tried novel writing while home with my two children during their early years and was challenged to focus on the craft.  I never gave up the love even when I had to give up the pursuit.  Now, with grown children and the fact I am sitting on the other side of fifty I can pursue my dream of writing.  I have continued the reading quest but now the writing is attainable as well.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Book Review - The Power of a Half Hour: not the revelation I'd hoped for...

One of the hardest endeavors for me is to voice an opposing opinion.  I often feel like the dinosaur on Toy Story, the movie, that was famous for saying, "I don't like confrontations."  Even writing a less than positive comment can be difficult.  That said, here I go.

 I just finished reading a new book that I had high hopes for; we are approaching New Year's resolution time after all, which means self improvement season is approaching.  To get a head start on the process I ordered the book, "The Power of a Half Hour: Take Back Your Life Thirty Minutes at a Time," written by Tommy Barnett. The book was  touted by christian fellow authors  as being filled with "...unique, practical, and God inspired truths to keep your time focused on all that God called you to do..." (Joyce Meyer, Bible teacher and best selling author).
However, I found the book to be disappointing and full of advice that was common sense knowledge most adults already know.  One example I found was in his chapter Connect With Impact.  Barnett's "Power Principle" for this chapter is "Good Friendships require time...over time."  My first thought when I read this, as when I read most of his power principles, was...duh.  I don't know of any relationship in existence, friendships, marriage, children, work, even pets, that don't require time... over time to be successful.
Barnett continues throughout his book to sprinkle occasional bible passages or concepts, at least enough to substantiate it as christian literature. He uses a great deal of  print to tell the reader how wonderful his own church and life has been, while using the catch phrase of the book, "the power of a half hour," to remind the reader of his concept. Just in case the reader got lost in all the anecdotal moments when Barnett  was telling about his travels and church life as he had revelations that in a half hour something amazing happened to him.
I approached the book with expectations to learn how to utilize my time to the fullest to learn and apply God's word in my life.  I was disappointed.  I felt like the phrase, "The Power of a Half Hour..." was just a gimmick coined to sell print.  In lieu of reading the book, spend a half hour in the bible, and your time will be well spent. I received my copy of "The Power of a Half Hour" from Bloggingforbooks.com

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Guide to Life's Little Challenges, "Furry Logic"

I’m not going to lie, I am more than a little bit excited to post this blog. I have been waiting anxiously for the mail to deliver my first book to review for a new endeavor and yesterday it arrived! Just in time for Christmas gift giving and inspiration to remember that life’s little challenges, as the book tells on its cover, can be dealt with best with a bit of “Furry Logic.”
It’s only logical, a classic concept, is given a new twist in the 10th anniversary edition of “Furry Logic,” written by Jane Seabrook.  “Furry Logic” shares humorous and every day insights paired with illustrations of animals at their comical best. “Furry Logic” has been an enjoyable read for many years, and this edition is no exception. One thing that I enjoy about the book is that  it never fails to coax the reader into smiling and enjoying the sayings and illustrations. One that I really enjoy is the sleeping cat that states, “It might look like I’m doing nothing, but at a cellular level I’m really quite busy.” I love that the short saying with the picture is not only clever but has a tinge of sassy too.  
I highly recommend reading Seabrook’s book as a brief mental vacation during your jam packed holiday schedule. If you enjoy if as much as I did, purchase “Furry Logic” and  pass it along to family and friends.